Me After A Haircut

my mental state after a haircut…









September Length Check

So… It’s been a while since I last updated (and even longer since my last relaxer- try Feb!). So with that said, here is my latest length check.
Officially almost BSL. I have less than 1/3 of an inch to go. Great news since I have been stressing about it for so long, AND no more relaxer for me! Still utilizing the same hair Regimen that’s posted here.

Please excuse the quality, my mirror was a bit dingy… I’ll post a better one in early October.

Retention of a good kind

I’ve been trying in vain to figure out how to retain as much length, and prevent shedding by experimenting on my own hair, and I have to admit that my hair has taught me a huge lesson (hence the reason why – as stated in the previous post, by resorting to braid outs), by cutting itself… Time and time and time again. I have gone from a little past APL (Armpit length), to SL (shoulder length), to now being this close, and I swear it, this close to neck length!


So here are Miss Traycee’s tips K.I.S.S tips:

Always remember that your the longer your hair is ….The older the ends are….So you should treat the length of your hair like fine silk
Handle hair with care when wet…De tangle with a wide tooth
comb ..Starting from the ends up in small sections…
Add a little oil or moisturizer in hair before de tangling dry hairAvoid direct heat whenever possible…Heat causes stress to long hair
Avoid blow drying especially …When you do make sure your hair is at least 50% dry first and blow dry on the cool setting
Curling Irons are so bad for your ends..Only use them for something special…Try to use rollers or pin curls instead
Using Moisturizing Shampoos and Conditioners …Longer hair is older and doesn’t get the natural oils your scalp produces because its so far from the scalp….So choosing products designed to add moisture to your hair is important
Don’t be afraid of protein..Protein will strengthen and keep long hair strong
Make sure your Pony tails and buns are not too tight….
If hair is really long…Moisturize and braid hair before bed…This will prevent tangling …Do not sleep in tight pony tails or buns…This promotes breakage around ponytail holder..
Trim when needed or your long hair will look unhealthy and un kept…But only trim when needed…Trims should not be put on a calender…
Don’t fall prey to the lie that your hair needs a trim every four to six week to grow …..Hair is dead and the grow rate has nothing to do with the bottom ends..Always remembers that Stylist only make money if they keep you coming back

Relaxer Stretching Week 17: Braid Outs

So as per usual, I have been doing more research into what I can do to stretch my relaxers, Et Voila! I came upon a wonderful blog called: Keep It Simple, Sista! (KISS) which introduced me to the concept of braid outs.

 <==== Miss Traycee runs the blog

As most of close circle is aware right now, I have been cut off by the powers that be, and so I am looking for any old excuse to relax my hair. It’s already been 17 weeks, and I wish I wasn’t too lazy to take pictures, but I have to say that my hair looks AMAZING!

Try it on for size. Follow her tips, and tricks and hopefully we will all retain something.

Happy Hair growing!

Review: Tocopherol Acetate

I am going to talk about a real neccesary mineral if you want to have strong, and shiny hair, in the biting fall breeze of May. And that Mineral would have to be Vitamin C.

It’s almost winter, so we are having citrus in abundance, hence the reason why I feel it is essential for everyone to know this healthy, bouncy, shiny hair secret.

Product in question: Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner

The product claims to contain Tocopherol Acetate which is just a scientific name for Vitamin C.

What can Vit. C do for the hair?

If you have been frequenting the hair salon and noticed that Hair Loss was a majour outcome of those trips, that I suggest you consider Lemon Juice, or Orange Juice as a pre-shampoo treatment, just because the acid in those fruit will nourish your scalp and help stimulate your hair follicle, which will in the end promote hair growth, which will in the end result in a completely covered bald spot. No gimmicks, not infomercials, just patience, and vitamin c.
Vitamin C also heals, and softens the hair and scalp protecting it from the elements of the winter freeze. It’s good for your body and it’s good for your hair.
I also strongly suggest taking vitamin c. supplements, but be careful not to overdose on them, as the only thing that you will get is very expensive urine, and we wouldn’t want to be peeing all that money away non?

What I do:

When I notice that my hair is getting really frizzy during the cold months, I used to squeeze the fresh fruit ripe from the tree, but now that I am living in South Africa again, I have often considered two options:

  1. To buy fresh citrus fruit, and squeeze them directly onto my hair,
  2. To buy pure fruit juice concentrate (sugar free, duh)

The answer really is any one of the above works. You can even do both at the same time. Your choice.


  • Pre-shampoo (Pre-poo) by putting the citrus fruit juice directly on to your hair and scalp in sections (on to DRY hair)
    Seal in all that juice with Olive Oil.
    Cover your hair with a plastic bag, or a shower cap (if you can spare them)
    Hair dry the hair in sections for 10-15 minutes.
  • Shampoo
  • Apply the Tresemme Vitamin E Moisture Rich Conditioner
    Seal all the conditioner in with Olive Oil, or Coconut Oil
    Cover your hair with a FRESH plastic bag, or shower cap (once the ends of your hair are dry, as in they don’t drip)
    Hair dry the hair in sections for 10-15 minutes.
  • Rinse out the conditioner with cold water.
  • Apply your leave in conditioners – I like to use carrot oil and finger comb your hair
    Put on a hair band, just so that your hairline will be flat, and let the hair airdry
  • Spritz on some Aloe Vera Juice directly on to your scalp in sections
    Seal in the juice on to your scalp and encourage more hair growth with Aloe Vera Oil
  • Moisturize your hair, and Seal in the moisture with Coconut Oil
    Spritz Tresemme’s heat protective spray
    Hairdry the hair on cool air in sections
  • *Apply L’Oreal’s heat activated straightening serum (pink bottle)
    *Flat Iron if you wish

That’s pretty much it.

Happy Hair Growing!

Gabrielle Union, No Weave!

Some Hairspiration if you still need some #WeavaPlease!

Q: How long do you deep condition?

To be honest, it completely depends on what sort of a day I am looking at. I tend to deep condition two days after wash day. (On wash day, at the end of washing and conditioning, as directed on the bottle of conditioner, I spritz some Aloe Vera juice on my scalp, and then massage on a little castor oil, just to keep my scalp clean)

How I deep condition:

Shampoo with anti-breakage, or restoring shampoo – I like to use Head and Shoulders *for Men

Protein Treatment – After patting my hair dry (sometimes I just squeeze out the excess water instead of drying) I like to use Organic Root Stimulator’s Hair Mayonnaise. They say it has moisturizing properties to deal with breakage, and split ends. I mean. Personally, I don’t know about all of that, but IT WORKS for me, so give it a try. Get it from Clicks Pharmacy OR wherever else you may find it, and just give it a go.
Condition –
After putting on your protein treatment, apply any ol’ cheap conditioner that has been fortified with a natural oil, I prefer Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO if you’re nasty). Just mix the cheap conditioner with Olive Oil and apply to your hair section by section.

Anti Frizz Conditioner – Since you are planning on having this on for a mighty long time, you might want to fight the frizz that causes knotty tangles, and prevents hair growth. I like to use Tony&Guy Frizz Smoothing Curl Conditioner. You will immediately see the difference after all the conditioners have dried on your hair. Your natural curls will surprize you. Even the hair that you thought was dead and gone…

If you don’t have the time to spare (as in cannot sit the whole day with this mess in your hair) just put that Clicks plastic bag on your hair and blowdry your hair, on cool air ofcourse, section by section for 20 minutes MAX.


Scalp Treatment – And then proceed to spray Aloe Vera Oil, and put some Castor Oil, or Aloe Vera Oil on your scalp (If you cannot stand the stench of Castor Oil)  section by section.

Heat Protection – I like to spritz my hair with some Tresemme Heat Spray, it specially straightens the hair whilst you are drying it, once you sufficiently sprayed, dry the hair on cool air, using a round brush. If you are going to use a paddle brush, then I suggest you watch the following video before you continue:

And then proceed to Moisturize and seal your hair…

Moisturize – This is my absolute fave part, because you know for sure that you are half-way there. I like to blend Palmer’s Cocoa-Butter with Organic Root Stimulator’s Moisturizing Hair Lotion, in equal part, and then apply to my hair, section by section. Nice.
Seal – I just seal each section that I moisturized with cold-pressed Coconut oil. Well you have to melt it first… 😛

Heat Protection – This the most important part, if you plan on flat ironing your hair… Sure you protected it before you dried it, but you need to protect it again, because it is going to be between to plates of heat. Viste?
I like to heat protect my hair with L’Oreal’s Hot Straight Heat Protective Serum. I spotted it by chance when I was in Cape Town Canal Walk’s Truworths with my sis, but I think you should be able to find it still at any other Truworths.

Flat Iron, AND enjoy a sensation of the free-est hair you have ever felt in your entire life!